Drive Slowly on the Range Road – 10 mph – No Dust!

Important Information!

The VA State SASS match began in 2004 hosted by Bend of Trail in Roanoke,VA. We have been honored to have been your host for these past 17 years. Many friendships were started along with memories that will last a lifetime. Throughout this time we have always strived to bring to you a great match, and we feel like we have been successful in this endeavor. We have recently been approached by the Cavalier Cowboys near Richmond, VA with an offer to move the match to a more centralized location in the State. After careful deliberation, we have accepted their offer. I’m certain that the Cowboys and Cowgirls at Cavalier will continue the tradition of a first rate State Championship Match. It is our intention to host an annual two-day match with a date to be announced. We wish to thank all of you that have been a part of our match.

Most Sincerely,

Mad Dog Irv

The physical address for the Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club is 1305 Gun Club Drive, Hardy, VA 24101Caution!  Some Maps/GPS programming are not accurate!

2021 Match Schedule as of August 28, 2021

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